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Your Turn: Employment
by Countable
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  • Peter

    I put on job fairs and do the Employment Announcements for 3 newspapers and their websites. Employers are short-staffed and tell me daily that they cannot get enough people to apply for their job openings. Employers are desperate, and are raising wages. I don't have any advertisers paying below $11/hr now. I estimate that 75% of jobs advertised here (Lawrence, KS area) are full-time, with benefits. At our job fairs in Kansas City we typically have 2,000 job openings and about 200 job seekers show up, and employers are grateful for them! Employers feel there are no longer enough unemployed workers to fill the job openings, so on Nov 1 we're holding an evening job fair to attract people who are working during the day, but want a better job. We're offering free sandwiches so they can come straight from work and apply for other jobs. Already there are over 600 job openings employers hope to fill at the job fair. ------- There are hundreds of people going to the Workforce Center to file for unemployment and look for work, but why are they not coming to the job fairs? Why aren't they applying for the openings that are announced on and in the newspapers? I do a training/motivational seminar at job fairs, homeless shelters, jails (re-entry programs), and social service agencies, and I meet discouraged people who don't understand that 1) The #1 reason people don't get hired is they never applied for the job; 2) Employers want people who will show up every day; 3) Employers want people who get along with their supervisor, co-workers, and the customers; 4) Employees must care about doing good work; 5) It's important to "Be Smart"...and I don't mean IQ--I mean "Don't do dumb things!" Like throwing bolts at each other, throwing a customer's change on the counter so it bounces onto the floor, hiding a coworker's purse (which then ends up missing the rent money), blaming others when you get angry and destroy company property, etc, etc. In the industry we call these "soft skills" (we used to call them "common sense" but stopped for obvious reasons). SO! What is the problem? ----- Tons of unfilled jobs, without enough people applying for them. It doesn't sound like a job shortage! It's a shortage of hard workers who have the confidence and desire to apply, and the willingness and understanding of what employers need them to do so that they can 1) Get the job, and 2) Keep the job.


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