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The Daily Countable: The First "Facebook Bill" & A Scathing Rebuke of Trump?
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  • Margaret

    Personally, I could care less if I ever see, hear or read another political ad, having said that I understand that those who can’t “live” without the mud slinging, name calling and just plain lying need these ads to make themselves feel vindicated. So, please, place whatever work, but what starts as a great idea, can turn & bite us in the butt and become censorship! What does concern me is the fact that it is being proposed that we use reconciliation for more and sweeping legislation and regardless of which party uses it, it is not “Government by the People, for the People”. It is also just plain STUPID to pass something as important as Taxes as tax reform without knowing the details. Personally, getting rid of my deductions, but letting corporations deduct the company or personal jet or something like that to put it mildly; would really make me mad! (I’m really trying to keep this G rated. In quite a few years of paying attention to politics, I have never heard or read of former Presidents publicly expressing their opinion of the state of the nation, whether it’s their party or the opposition. Finally, it is SHAMEFUL that the death of an Special Forces soldier, no any American soldier has caused such bitter and just plain nasty and lying words to be uttered by anyone much less the supposed representatives of our country and government, whether President, press spokesperson, retired General or Congressional representative! We have had and will continue to have too many lost and broken lives and damaged families from WAR to suffer this war of words from people we are taught that we should respect! They should all be ashamed of themselves. Unfortunately, this is something that retired General Kelly shouldn’t have let himself be dragged into, even if he wants to keep his position.


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