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What They’re Saying: Trump’s ACA EO and Ending Insurance Subsidies
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  • Kathy

    This means you Doug LaMalfa! This and most everything the Putin/Republicans do is criminal. They will KILL our children because they won't authorize C.H.I P . They will KILL American citizens in Puerto Rico because they are brown and do not vote! They will KILL American citizens in our country of all colors because they are poor by taking away their healthcare , (they tried to get their wealthcare through, yeah who gets the money they took the from the CRS funds). They will KILL those addicted to opioids because the rich will not fund help, they KILL . They have the police KILL the African Americans and not even get charged and if you protest you are arrested, including the severely disabled protesting for their very lives! Unless you are an athlete, then they want you to stop complaining and do whatever they say, after all the very WHITE rich are paying you (hunger games?) The NRA/Putin/Republicans INSISTS we need automatic weapons and police in schools, have mentally impaired veterans with access to guns so that more American kids and adults can be slaughtered and KILLED and those who survived need healthcare go-fund-me sites. Now they, Putin/Republicans want to KILL as many as possible in Iran or North Korea or both! This is the most corrupt government that we have ever seen, 1/2 or all the cabinet is under investigation. People read Bannon's ,John Bolton's and Sessions ideology. It is all war , destruction and social and ethnic cleansing!!!!! I WILL GET NEWS ORGANIZATIONS! GROUPS TO SAY THE NAMES OF OUR AMERICANS WHO DIE BECAUSE OF YOUR CRIMINAL BEHAVIOR!!! And of course you are led by MORON TRUMP! Oh yea, all this is sanctioned by the EVANGELICAL CHRISTIANS

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