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What They’re Saying: Trump’s ACA EO and Ending Insurance Subsidies
by Countable
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  • Clay

    My experience with the ACA has been very positive. What has not been positive is Trump's presidency. This man is out for himself only. If he really cared HE would offer a truly better Heath care plain to the American people. He had been unable. He has lied, bragged about groping women's genitalia, won't be transparent, has involved his family, unlawfully into the management of the USA and now looks to take heath insurance from millions of Americans. He is unapologetic. This President needs to be removed from office by what ever legal means necessary. First though, my senators and my House Representative need to call out for the removal of this illegal President. Republican as well as Democratic voices need to be heard. Don't wait act now! Please save our democracy.

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