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Quote O' the Day: "The War on Breathing"
by Countable
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  • Jeff

    The fact is Coal remains the only energy source that is cheap and plentiful, and even if we did go full scale solar or wind power – which is at this time way too expensive to be economically feasible – even then we would still need all our coal resources for back-up whenever the wind doesn’t blow and the sunshine isn’t bright enough. But the real issue here is that we have yet another ‘war’ on something or other that is actually nothing of the kind - again LOL! But don’t expect the left to acknowledge any of that — that trope will get used for YEARS to insinuate that the right is Any less interested in ‘breathing’ than the oh-so Angelic left. But it’s all good - we can certainly use all those formerly Democrat voters the left is sending our side by doubling-down on all this continued idiotic nonsense thus. One can only hope they keep this kind of thing up, Because it’s exactly what drove so many voters over to our side allowing us to win the general election. #MoreTrumpPlease!

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