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Trump Administration Presents Lawmakers With A List of Conditions for Protecting Dreamers
by Countable
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  • James

    Trump is helping Dems make the DACA Executive Order Constitutional. Without his action, Attorneys Generals of a majority of states were prepared to test the Constitutionality of the EO to the US Supreme Court where it clearly would have been overturned! However, he wanted something in return. This is the laundry list of what he wants in return. Does he expect to get everything he asked for? Of course not! He is dealing with lying Democrats! Remember, it is called “The Art of the Deal.” It is called compromise! He knows how to play “their” game better than they do, and he has been in Washington less than a year! And, for all you Libtards who are worried about Mexico paying for it. They will! In some way, at some time, when they least suspect it, they WILL PAY FOR THE WALL!


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