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The Daily Countable: The Day After Las Vegas & What You're Saying
by Countable
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  • Pamela

    At what point does an individual’s right to own a weapon that can kill multiple people quickly and efficiently become more important than the right of the rest of us to be safe in our public areas? These types of weapons should ONLY be available to the military and the police when on duty. We are past the days when the people could defend against unjust forces with muskets against muskets. Now, every time I go to a movie, theater, or other venue, I look to see where I can hide or escape in case some guy with an assault rifle decides to have a little tantrum. This has gone too far. The great majority in this country want some form of reasonable gun control. Background checks are not enough, as someone can have issues that do not show up, or can develop issues as any time once weapons have been acquired. As our representatives, PLEASE DO YOUR JOBS TO MAKE AMERICA SAFE AGAIN!

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