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Does The New Version Of Graham-Cassidy Get Your Vote?
by Countable
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  • Rosemary

    Vote no. This is a bad bill that fails to live up to what Republicans promised and campaigned on - to repeal and replace with something better and more affordable. President Trump repeatedly said he had a beautiful plan that would cover everybody for far cheaper, "believe me." Millions did believe him and voted for him and other Republicans. Now they find out the years of "repeal and replace" was all talk and no time spent developing a plan that fulfills those promises. This plan is so bad their only hope is to bribe a few Senators with special benefits for their the expense of the rest of Americans. Why there has been no true bipartisan patriotic effort to fix the exchanges in struggling states or counties is disgraceful. Its emblematic of Republicans refusal to listen to the true needs of constituents and the good of the country and put those needs above the selfish motivations of their mega-wealthy donors. As Graham and Cassidy toss money towards Alaska and Maine in a desperate bid for those votes, the Koch Brothers have come right out and said if you don't get this done we're gonna stop tossing money at your campaign war chests. THAT would be the best thing to happen to the country in a long time. Maybe people would run substantive campaigns that don't rely on smear and slander tactics. This bill stinks and the pressure behind it stinks even more.


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