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UPDATE: Should U.S. Drill, Mine for Energy on National Monuments?
by Countable
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  • Rosemary

    No! Our National Parks have been the envy of the world!!! No defacing them by mining, drilling, logging, or iallowing any activities that create environmental challenges to their eco systems. The very SAME people who would allow the destruction of these wild places owned by all the people decry our "loss" of history when Civil War monuments to the Confederacy (erected during Jim Crow and the Civil Rights era) are called into question as monuments to defenders of slavery, treason, and racism. Those symbols that serve as rallying posts to continued racism and bigotry symbols should be relegated to well curated museums that accurately teach the history of slavery, secession, the Confederacy, and the Civil War. Our National Parks need our respectful preservation as living symbols of the wild almost untouched land that became our country. Past generations saw the power in those open spaces for all, they're ours, and to lose them is to steal from the American people.


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