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Trump Gives Incendiary Address at UN
by Countable
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  • Mark

    When you have power, true power, you never need to flaunt it, brag on it, and hold it up as a banner. Power defines itself. One with power doesn't regress to name calling, blustering rhetoric, and selfless warnings. The power dictates the measures and and stands alone in creating the tone of a country. I am tired of listening to someone who continually disrespects those who not only oppose him but dare even to question him. This country is handing over the reigns of democracy to someone that daily exhibits a lack of self control, immaturity, and poor judgement. For everyone crying out to make America great again, I dare you to say that this isn't the greatest country on earth. And I challenge you to show and do the things that have made us that way for two hundred plus years.

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