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Following Harvey: Should the Gov't Buyout Homes That Are Repeatedly Flooded?
by Countable
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  • zallen99

    To do this right, a coordinated multi-level strategy is needed. Approval for new development is a city- or county-level decision. In most regions, these bodies are not considering long-cycle natural occurrences (it's only a "disaster" when humans live their en mass, otherwise it's just a natural occurrence that is well known to happen occasionally...) when they approve development, only "seeking comment" from others in the community. Federally-funded insurance that gets repeatedly paid out to claimants in the same area is simply targeted welfare without the name. This nationwide taxpayer subsidy for certain people to continue living in a poorly thought-out area is senseless. Forced eviction and rewilding should be a standard procedure moving forward, as should blanket state-level legislation to disallow future development approvals in areas that are prone to flooding, or other natural occurrence (I.e. Limited carrying capacity). A multi-decade carrot/stick program to rewild flood plains and recognize carrying capacity of land would help reshape the nation into a truly sustainable community.

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