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Should Border Patrol Be Allowed To Search Your Phone?
by Countable
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  • Gabriele

    At the border, if you do not look the way the agent at the moment think you have to look like to be innocent, they treat you already like a criminal. This agents get a thrill out of their power and the more we give them, the more they like it! What would everyone think if every other country would treat you at the border like this too! Stripp you (at times) almost naked, search your electronic devices at will etc., we would stop traveling. Never and nowhere have I been treated on the border with this little respect as here in the USA where I am a citizen, and I am a senior citizen in a wheelchair. Keeping the country safe is most important, but this kind of things are purely power plays of little people they have otherwise nothing to say and that needs to change for our right of privacy!

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