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Trump’s Deals with Dems: Bipartisanship or Betrayal?
by Countable
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  • Steve

    Both parties are trying to get what they want. I wish our elected officials would stop putting party before national interests. All the partisan backstabbing and bullheadedness needs to end. Ninety percent of taxpayers are getting screwed and rest are breaking the their backs. The wealthy are trying to break up unions, deregulate every thing from workers safety to environmental protections. All the while not paying their fair share in taxes and buying elections. It time to rise to the occasion call them out! The more we do nothing the more they divide us with their Fake Ultra Conservative News. And now Russia getting into the game too. We are a nation of immigrants and always have been. If you're not native you're an immigrant! This nation wasn't founded on Christianity as much as some would insist it was. In fact separation of church and state was worked into the constitution to protect religious freedom. So don't buy into that line of crap ether. When a government is embarrassing one religion freedom of religion is gone. We all most be more receptive to each others views.


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