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Doctors Without Borders: Med-School Dreamers Ask Congress To Stay In U.S.
by Countable
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  • Kathy

    So tire of these Country's who don't want to take care of their own Citizens and that includes America, how many Hispanics children do you see Starving with bones showing through their skin like so many other children like Africa, Haiti the two worst in Malnourished children in the World , their DREAM is to have a piece of food to eat, Mexico is a very Rich Country compare to these. Dreamers my ass , free ride Yes , a Country that don't want to spend their corrupt Cartel money on them yes. Let's take those 800,000 Dreamers and go get some real children in Need. How many of you OH WE got to HELP these POOR Dreamers will do that??? How many Welfare projects in the United States? One in every Town and City. Every town and City , how many of these children look out their window and Dream if a better Life, the ones in the Country are the lucky ones they just might get that chance but the Inner City those Children are lucky they still wake up in the morning Alive without a stray bullet from A Street Gang fight or forced into the Drug World or a gang member or die. Do you think those Children have Dreams? Bunch of Hypocrites turn your back on your own Children Citizens for other Country's children. Our Kids have Dream too. Mexico is a Rich Country make no mistake We have built Mexico, every Hispanic worker in America send 70% of their American money home to Mexico so their family's can live like Kings and Queens , if you don't believe me check Western Union. It's pathetic that Democrats and Liberals has turned their backs on their own people .


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