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What They’re Saying: Too Soon To Talk Climate Change?
by Countable
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  • Kathy

    I call on all the Underground Nuclear Testing going on for the pass year , Maybe just the Core of our Earth it is a Ball of Fire ,I'm sure back in 1924 the ocean got warmer too for these Cyclones to hit , even Several Volcanic irruption change the Weather pattern around the World. If Yellow Stone Park ever Irrupt's it will be the biggest Atomic Bomb in our History. Just a matter of another few million years to come. Then we will be a fallen star to some other Planet ,, 1924 first known Tropical Cyclone , Category 5 winds 155 , Atlantic Hurricane season, Mother Nature will always be around you can't stop Her. But unless you put every Nation on the same clean energy program , this bullshit with America getting cut in every direction and other Country's can continue, and top it off with the double the payment then other Country's . Mr Gore can kiss all America butts.


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