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Sanders' Single-Payer Bill Gathers Democratic Support
by Countable
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  • Kathy

    It is not a given right,,IT's a choice. Welfare Medical is a controlled plan Doctors and Hospital can only charge a certain amount with no other Financial cost to the user. There has to be a investigation into the Medical field, all these New Medical cures that had gotten Government Grants and other Free Funding or Medical Equipment Developed , then WHO puts the price on these to The Medical Field then charge the Patients and Insurance Company's a HUGE PRICE . For example the cure for Her2 Breast Cancer just one shot given for a cure is 900.00 to disguise hormones and estrogen in a Women. WHO put the price on a cure that was probably fully Funded . And some insurance will only cover depending on the age of a women , it pushes them through the Change of Life early, pretty sad when it's a life matter to a women or even Men, but not a matter to A Matter for Transgender inducing these drugs. If there was a Survey of how many Welfare users over Medical Paid users , using the Medical visits , Welfare Cards would Win hands. down. And the more receiving these Fee Benefits like the World is in today Refugees Crisis it will explode. Millions receiving Full support no help from their Country in a Financial way will begin to crash a Nation under Stress. If these Refugees had Medical insurance from their Country should they be paying Medical expensive here for them? If we go to another Country our Insurance covers the expense if something happens. Country like Mexico that is NO war zone but thousand are coming for Free welfare support , Country like these need to be held accountable for their people support not Citizens and Government from and Country. The more Welfare Medical support the more Medical expense will rise.


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