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BREAKING: Trump Ends DACA With 6-Month Delay
by Countable
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  • Kathy

    Good these are undocumented young people 800,000 mostly boys who have lied about their ages have Join gang members and committed crimes here. They have also broke the Agreements that was set for them by the OBama Administration. It has to be reform to Real Children of Learning. And those who break the agreement of the terms set for them needs to be returned to their Parents custody not the Tax Payers of the people trying to help. They need to Respect the Country trying to help. The biggest problem is no Respect from these people in need , I don't call Violent Protesting and Burning our Flag Respect to this Country or the Citizens . They can go home and burn their our Flag instead of waving it high and proud in our Country. America has always and will always help out but if they want to disrespect the help given then they need to go back. And Undocumented means you have No idea who or how old these young people are or where they really come from.


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