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LIVE: Emergency UN Security Council Meeting on North Korea Nuclear Test
by Countable
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  • Kathy

    The only Country's that want nuclear war is North Korea and Iran. Now that North Korea has been testing Nuclear bomb and developing these bombs for the Pass 5 years that we know of anyways . The UN nor did the US try in any way to stop this , for some reason OBama made a deal with Iran for Nuclear Power instead of dealing with North Korea. Makes you wonder who he was giving the Power to. I think President Trump has reached out to many Country's to Divert the situation even to China , I can't see China not stepping up since they have been buying into American business. I know that liberals would love to blame Trump for this but this was an on going thing since Kim took over and before him. And since no one has tried to stop him this is where We are he does not care . The Nuclear bomb has become his drug , complete Power. There is NO dealing with that. This should have been stopped a long time ago whether you idiots want to believe this has just happened because of Trump this has been happening , Grow the Hell up. We The People of the United States of America pay billions to the UN for situations like this , maybe if they where trying to control North Korea as much as they where trying to destroy Israel this wouldn't have gone this far. The UN is Useless beside stealing money from all Country's for their own Agenda not the Worlds Agenda.

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