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How Do The Feds Manage Disaster Relief?
by Countable
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  • Kodiwodi

    In actuality, they don't. The president cut everybody's budget including FEMA's and NOAA's beginning in September. Then he doesn't bother to attend to any of the heads of the agencies in charge except FEMA who's been seated since June. Two weeks ago 45 cuts the infrastructure requirements out of the flood insurance that protects us because well Obama wrote that. He praises a governor who suggested evacuating 6.5 million people on a moments notice but gives no mention to the guy that asked people to stay in place and wait for rescue. Guess who's died so far? Those in their cars. It will come down to partisan infighting over FEMA money. In the mean time, Houstonians will rescue Houstonians and Texans will rescue Texans and the Feds will continue to screw things up.

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