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Your Turn, Your Voice: Partisanship
by Countable
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    The fact that Partisanship is even an issue, says that something is morally and ethically wrong with our Governing system. The fact that there is Chevrolet and Ford did not give us quality vehicles or service. Pepsi and Coke do not provide us quality products. Republicans and Democrats do not provide quality Governance or service to their duties and responsibilities. They are too busy worrying about their next move against each other, than actually performing the services the Founding Fathers intended. When you allow Capitalism to control our destiny, it will only serve to satiate their addiction to greed, power and dominance via corruption, oppression and unethical, immoral acts against humanity and the planet. Enough is never enough, because they are afflicted. We are in a downward spiral to calamity, if we do not change course and remove the sick, mentally concerned individuals and put in people who want to actually work together to provide real solutions to real issues. Remove profit concerns from humane decisions. Stop treating American Citizens, wildlife, environment as expendables to obtain that unattainable Greed and power you seek. Start looking at humans as you claim Jesus did, as well as your God, that you preach about. If you look at all humans "in His image" you will likely find it difficult to destroy "his so-called beautiful work". ....

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