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LATE BREAKING: Trump Signals Standoff on Border Wall, Pardon for Convicted Sheriff & More
by Countable
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  • Jackie

    What a divisive rally. A war cry to his baser base. As elected officials with calmer and more informed heads, I implore members of congress to move in a more prudent manner. Will diverting billions away from education, infrastructure, healthcare really stop illegal immigration? Our money is best spent on issues to increase a safer environment from those fleeing. If your homelands are safe and prosperous there would be no reason to migrate legally or illegally. On the issue of pardoning a man charged and convicted of essentially hate crimes please remember NO MAN IS ABOVE THE LAW. Finally this jacked up hatred for the media has got to stop. Eventually someone will lose their life. We are America not some third world banana republic ruled by a wannabe dictator who executes those that disagree. One must ask why a man who totes his reputation as a media mogul, who craves the news should spout such nonsense. I think trump expected many "regal protections" as president one was obviously protection from oversight and the media, and unfortunately the truth.

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