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Does the First Amendment Protect Charlottesville Protesters?
by Countable
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  • Dave

    IT SHOULD, why would anything be excluded⁉️ The first amendment should be inviolate and not be driven by partisan politics❗️I didn't read anything in the Constitution about denying first amendment rights of free speech, did you⁉️The progressive liberal leftists can't abide by free speech because it actually allows us all to hear the truth rather than just their warped and dishonest discourse...ever hear the one about "if you like your doctors you can keep them⁉️blatant lying from the mouth of a blatant lier/cretin, aggregious behavior from America's mouth peace😡😤 an insult that was accepted and supported by the followers of this loser who drew the red line in the sand man...pathetic and repugnant😩❗️

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