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Your Turn: Does it Matter How the President Reacts to a Crisis?
by Countable
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  • Linda

    YES! He should be the great uniter and speak truth immediately to a tragedy like Charlottesville! He should be the moral compass, a leader. Donald Trump swore to defend the people against all threats, foreign and DOMESTIC and this last weekend showed that Trump can NOT do this. He failed us as leader and protector of democracy. He needs to resign or be impeached because he has not upheld his oath he made on Jan. 20. This was a watershed moment for our country and he FAILED the test. To think that Nazis feel emboldened to march proudly unhooded in broad daylight, triumphantly makes me feel sickened. Today's remarks were obviously forced upon him and his body language revealed his heart from far from his words. Our country is at new low tonight, and I am deeply saddened and troubled by his actions but not surprised. Bigotry has been part of his being since he began the birther lies about President Obama. Trump has s disdain for truth and facts and he needs to be removed from leadership. Period.


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