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Trump Transition Timeline: From Election Day to Day 100 of His Administration
by Countable
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  • Laura

    Hello and Merry Christmas! My eyes are filled with tears this holiday season imagining the prospect of the upcoming Trump presidency. I need my elected officials to stand up against the looming cloud of Trump and his cabinet. I'm deeply offended by the thought of our progressive country taking a step back in the realm of acceptance of the many non-white citizens and women. Racism is now rampant at our highest levels of government and our civil liberties are being threatened. I need you, my representatives to stand up for your constituents by vehemently opposing any measures that revoke our civil liberties. Government has no place in the decision a woman makes with her body! We should not so much as entertain any of his crazy ideas and tweets. By the way, are you also terrified about his tweet on nuclear weapons which his cabinet is now trying to talk out a logical explanation but for which there is none?! Trump is not only going to ruin our country, he's going to ruin the world. We need you to do everything in your power to disagree and fight him. We can not start changing laws and accepting authoritarianism as the new normal in our democracy.

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