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Charlottesville Killing: Was it terrorism?
by Countable
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  • Arlando

    This is State sanctioned terrorism. Fact, this is Trump's America. "Make America Great Again" is the exact same thought process as "Take Our Country Back", the anti-Obama, Tea Party slogan. These racist slogans have been festering under the surface. The Trump-Pence-Bannon-Sessions mentality has given this group the courage to come out of the woodwork into the light. Every day Jeff Sessions does something through legal channels in support of White Supremacy. We don't call it White Supremacy because he does it using the power of the law. Every day, Donald Trump sends a message that he supports White Supremacy but we don't call it that because he does it in a very subtle manner. In Trumps America, his view of "Great America" is the era between 1864 and 1964 when the only voices that mattered were those of privileged White males. This is the mindset that was elected, with a little help from the Russians, last November. Let's not act outraged or surprised. Like the Wizard of Oz, it has been here all along. I am not willing to say this is what every republican votes for. I have republican friends who find this disgusting. What I will submit is it is within the Republican Party where this mindset finds a welcoming place. They give lip service to being anti-hate, then pass policies that promote hate. It is in their voices where hate groups feel aided and comforted.


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