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What is the Most Important Issue Facing the Nation?
by Countable
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  • Brandon

    Congress. While trump may or may not be right for the country ( only time will tell ) he appears to be the only politician in my life time to actually deliver on campaign promises unlike congress. Congress currently has the lowest approval rating since the founding of our nation. Congress has more authority over how the nation operates and has the largest effect over our daily lives. We have a congress that is more interested in party before country and taking bribes ( lobbyists) and working for the large corporations. It has injected and government into every facet of our daily lives and every transaction we make. It has created alphabet agencies and transferred its authority to them creating unelected un accountable legislators essentially sealing and taking our freedoms away. We have more laws, regulations and people in prison that any civilized nation on the planet ( and we pretend we are a free people). Congress is the problem and as long as we have parties and lobbyists the people's interests will never be represented and our republic will be doomed to failure.


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