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Talking Taxes: What Do You Think About America's Tax Code?
by Countable
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  • Tom

    First= as been stated we need a progressive tax. Second - we need a system similar to SS to pay for Healthcare. Third - Elimination of tax shelters would price & tax fairly. Fourth - Present tax deduction on mortgages is still necessary to stimulate housing, Fifth - Tax deductions are used to stimulate an Industry not support it. Solar & wind power need the stimulation. Taxes could improve the present 30-year payout of clean energy. Sixth - State taxes must be allocated to the purpose they asked the voters to pass. E.G. road taxes, utility taxes. Seventh - Sin taxes haven't worked; so bring those taxes back in line. Eighth - Tax marijuana reasonable & you will drive the illegal growers out of business & raise revenue. Ninth - between Federal & States taxes are way too complicated. Tenth - Corporations leave the USA they should have a tariff tax placed on their product/services. That gives an opportunity for a new corporation within the country.

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