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How Does the U.S. Vet Refugees?
by Countable
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  • Jim

    That all sounds and looks very impressive but I believe is pure BS. There is absolutely no way to do all those thing effectively while bringing in people from areas where record keeping H as been destroyed, never existed or so simple that it is easily counterfeited. In addition all these pictures are showing family units while the "refugees" are mostly men between the ages od 18 to 35, most cannot speak English and are illerate and the health exam shown just doesn't happen. These people are brought in and dumped on a community without any warning and are given "assistance" that our Vets and Seniors would be ecstatic to receive. Keep them out until we have a virtual foolproof way of 1) making sure they are who they say they are, 2) fully understand that if they do no assimilste, not try and get us to conform to their 1400 culture and way of life, they wii be deported an 3) if they are not self supporting within 3 years they will be deported. Non of this will happen ifHillary is elected orvthe Dems Get Control Of Congress.

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