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Voting Rights: Use 'Em or Lose 'Em?
by Countable
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  • Ftwchris

    The right has been at this along time they have sought to lock in minority power by disenfranchising immigrants and people of color. All while their dwindling base of rural white voters are out of step with what 3 million more Americans voted for. It's why as I've said when the right takes power, its first priority, always, is to attack and undermine the sources of progressive power. It’s why Reagan gutted Legal Services, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker went after public employee unions and then private sector unions in his state, why virtually every Republican Governor and legislature in the Obama era has rolled back voting rights and gerrymandered election districts to seal in electoral advantage, why when blue cities take progressive measures in areas from wages to gun safety, conservative state legislatures move to “pre-empt” their powers, and why Planned Parenthood is public enemy #1 on the right’s hit list. Labor and Planned Parenthood are both sources of self-financed electoral and progressive movement strength, and key pillars of a fair and just world for workers and families. Making it harder for young people, low-income people and communities of color to vote perpetuates the grip of a demographically dwindling Republican base. The unprecedented denial of a President’s right to fill a Supreme Court seat tilts the balance of the court for a generation, assures that bad decisions on Citizens United, gun regulation and voting rights stay in place or get worse, and bodes ill for abortion rights, gay and transgender people and immigrants. High on the list of the fights we must wage, and work hard to win, are those which involve changes to the structure of power – to resources, voting and courts – upon which so many other fights depend.

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