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August 3: Better Rural Broadband Access Would Make America Great Again
by Countable
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  • Ken

    If Jim Acosta could be put before a firing squad for some real not made up version I would be proud to be a member of that firing squad as I put him in the company of TRAITORS AND TERRORIST AND SCUMBAGS LIKE Chuckles the Clown Schumer, Pelosi. Maxine Watters, and several more Scumbags of the Democratic Party who have nothing against Our Great President Trump other than he BEAT Killary Clinton and they just hate him. All those like Mueller who should have been fired three weeks ago and the stupid idiot who set up the outline of the things and latitude Mueller could have gone. Why doesn't he investigate the one with the most Russia connection Killary Clinton. Damn their lives I think I hate him and them.

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