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August 3: Better Rural Broadband Access Would Make America Great Again
by Countable
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  • Leslie

    The immigration reform, I don't disagree totally with the point system, but it does give me pause and raises a few question: 1. Why break up immigrant families, do you feel that without the base family support they won't thrive, or will this cause them to assimilate more quickly into American society thus loosing what the middle and lower economic classes have loss-the idea of freedom to rise above the current situation? I listened to various discussions today and it appears to work thusly: immigrants with high training can enter because they won't be a threat to the blue collar worker, but what if the blue collar wants to step up in economic level or wants their children to be able to be a doctor, a scientist, or lawyer? Why not shift the focus toward improving the public education system so that Americans are the high standard ( and by improving I mean free education with limited standardized testing, more teachers per student and a rotating schedule so that kids can still be kids, get outdoors, do projects, participate in extracurricular activities and explore, in other words teach how kids learn.


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