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Opioid Crisis a National Emergency Says Presidential Commission
by Countable
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  • Frank

    You can't legislate your way out of this. Hold those responsible, responsible not the clients or the Dr. whose hands are being burdened with excessive paperwork that is preventing many Dr. from joining the suboxone program and Dr. stopped from helping due to shoddy lab results from high dollar urine screens that cost Medicare billions to identify metabolites that can be 30,60 90 days old and can be anywhere from 5 to 10 % false positives plus do not address the current anything in real time. If you're being treated for the pain you're treated like a drug addict instead of a client dependant on pain medication. Subxone (Buprenorphine) regardless of what anyone says you do not get high off it even a person that never took it before. They may feel an injection of .02ng but not 8MG. sublingual tab. the current form given. As far as diversion where is that evident? It isn't the pain clients that started this opioid crisis we do not make the pills or dispense them and we should not be held to account for another's poor behavior by subjecting us to onerous procedures from cash only doctors. To top it all off it is us paying for this debauchery. We are paying to be abused and victimized just to gain some momentary relief. We are paying doctors to become our jailers throwing out all HEPPA regulation because we as a class of individuals in chronic progressive pain are being blamed for Dr. giving drugs to those for profit.

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