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Opioid Crisis a National Emergency Says Presidential Commission
by Countable
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  • Kathy

    We've had a drug problem in this country since the 60's. It's to bad that instead of addressing the problem then Richard Nixon started a War on Drugs. Drug addiction should have always been to treat the addiction rather then locking people up. The amount of money spend on keeping people locked up would solve a lot of the issues we face today. Instead in this country we have made prison an industry, spend billions of dollars. We need to have a conversation in this country why we are willing to lock people up, without a rehabilitate and reentry programs so it's not a revolving door. We have private prisons who make their money through having full capacity and prisoners making products for private businesses. Goggle all the companies who having their products made in prisons. Why would companies want to hire employees and pay a living wage when they can have products made in prisons for between 16 to 93 cents an hour! We need to address both legal and illegal drugs together. This country have way more legal drug user than illegal drug users, that are hurting this country.

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