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August 2: Redefining "Winning"
by Countable
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  • Keith

    I'm asking my representatives to stand against the executive branch's plan to "go after" colleges that supposedly discriminate against white students. That is *the* definition of white privilege. We had to create a law to ensure that women and people of color would have the same shot at a job, as their white male counterparts. Living in the South there are still active KKK meeting "in our backyard." We had slavery, and the civil rights movement. And now we have a president who wants to end decades of affirmative action? This is inexcusable, and I will make it my mission to vote you out of office if you do not stand against him. Moreover, I ask that you do not pass the law that would prevent people who used a commercial vehicle to commit a crime from getting a regular license. Until we ban people on the no-fly list and with certain mental illnesses from purchasing a firearm, this bill should never be considered. That's called a hypocritical double standard, because far more people are killed by firearms, than are trafficked, but we won't regulate them. Lastly, I'm not sure what defining "winning" will do, other than appease the executive branch.

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