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Opioid Crisis a National Emergency Says Presidential Commission
by Countable
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  • NanceinNJ

    The "opioid epidemic" may in fact be real - but I caution against knee jerk solutions - especially those which may have the unintended consequence of denying adequate pain management to those who legitimately require such medication to bring pain to tolerable levels to survive. I speak as the caregiver of one such individual in NJ - who because of the recently adopted CDC guidelines combined with NJ's new stringent regulations - has doctors fearful, and cutting medications across the board regardless of patient outcomes. I'm sorry for those who become addicted and OD from unauthorized use of such medications. But I read with increasing frequency of patients with inadequately treated pain committing suicide. I promise you, it is a real and significant risk. So think about those you are consigning to a bedridden existence to save those who abuse these medications. Think about the myriad of individuals who, like my wife, have genetic disorders that interfere with opioid metabolism, rendering standard doses in accordance with CDC guidelines useless. Yet, her doctor has since the CDC guidelines were published proceeded to decrease her medications despite increasing pain and immobility. Her condition is worsened by lack of activity - but activity is too painful to endure. She is 56, and now leaves the house only for doctors appointments.

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