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August 2: Redefining "Winning"
by Countable
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  • Matthew

    I am deeply disturbed how openly racist, bigoted, and sexist this "administration" is. Last night I heard the "administration" is going to look into whites being discriminated against being admitted to colleges and universities because of Affirmative Action. This is deeply troubling and I doubt hardly a massive issue as far as numbers go. Having a multi-cultural campus is important since our country is multicultural!!! I see this as an issue that effects a small percentage of students that didn't get accepted into their first choice. Colleges and universities are typically upfront on their numbers (how many admitted, applied, ethnic background). So you know what to expect and the odds when you apply. Affirmative Action is important, just open your eyes and look around to see why. This shit going on ain't winning it's destroying, ruining, hurting our country.

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