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Opioid Crisis a National Emergency Says Presidential Commission
by Countable
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  • Latricia

    I support the recommendations, listed below, of the bipartisan commission tasked with addressing the drug addiction and opioid crisis in our country. Grant waivers allowing for Medicaid to expand treatment coverage in all 50 states. Mandate prescriber education initiatives Remove barriers to expanded use of existing Medication-Assisted Treatments (MATs) and instruct the National Institutes of Health to focus research on developing new MATs as well as non-opioid pain treatments. Introduce legislation to expand the availability of naloxone, an emergency, overdose prevention medication and equip all law enforcement personnel with the means to administer it. Focus border security resources on the current influx of fentanyl: a synthetic opioid twice as strong as heroin that is flooding the market. Require data sharing between state and federal prescription drug monitoring programs, which track individual users and allow for identification of prescribers engaging in dangerous patterns of over prescription. Adjust patient privacy laws to allow for communication between providers in the case of substance abuse. Enforce existing law that forces insurers to provide equal coverage for both physical and mental health/substance abuse diagnoses.

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