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Proposed Privatization of Public Power System Met with Criticism
by Countable
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  • Joyce

    I strongly oppose this. As my Grandfather, father, husband and his family before him not only helped build damns, but worked on them as well. These power plants were built with taxpayers dollars, if we privatize these power plants some questions need answering: 1) Who will be allowed to purchase these 2) Will overseas investors monies be used 3) Who decides when the waters will be released and the amount 4) will they get to regulate the cost of electricity & how will that impact the consumer 5) will shares be sold on the stock exchange 6) will taxpayers in the area get shares 7)who is going to harden the grid from sunspots & attacks from space i.e. Let's say a small hydrogen or atomic bomb was detonated in space it would automatically give an electrical impulse which would bring down the grid 8) plus they would be selling it pennies on the dollar. 9) if a damn begins to fail as with the Oroville damn are the private investors mandated to repair it or will they get the government to bail them out. Thanks to our Governor Brown, he took it upon himself to push light rail through when that money was earmarked for the express purpose of fixing CA dams & levies. please get back to the public with the answers before moving forward.

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