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Psychoanalysts Raise Ethical Questions by Lifting Ban on Diagnosing Trump
by Countable
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  • Wendy

    I am a democrat. I have a psychology background. It is not ethical to diagnose anyone that is not under direct care. I will not argue for or against this man's mental health or lack their of. I do think in the future, anyone that requires the highest level of security clearance, should require the same evaluations that other's are required to obtain this type of clearance. However, requesting after the fact, that psychiatrists give opinions regarding Trump's mental health, looks inherently bad for a democrat to our fellow citizens that supported Trump. There was a vote, and then there was an electoral college who failed, and now we must sit next to Trump supporters and endure the ride until he finally gets himself impeached or he does enough harm that everyone feels the burn. I am a patriot. But that does not mean that I have to "automatically" stand behind our current president to be patriotic. Let's not lose sight, as citizens of a democracy, that it is our job as citizens to hold our government accountable. There are soldiers who do not get treatment for depression or anxiety so they will not lose their level of security clearance. A president should be held to the same accountability and assessments.


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