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Proposed Privatization of Public Power System Met with Criticism
by Countable
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  • KansasTamale

    This is what's wrong with ALL the utilities. Utilities are supposed to be FOR THE PEOPLE, NOT for profit. In my state the utilities are all for profit. We hate it. We used $1.54 worth of gas last month, but we had to pay $27.60 for it due to delivery fee-how did they deliver that gas???- Service charge- we got NO SERVICE- and another charge plus a small tax. The electric company is the same way. It's ridiculous that we HAVE to pay for the fuel to make our electricity., and then the electricity & then pay more to have it DELIVERED??? How do they deliver electricity that it costs a % of the electricity we use???? They have to make s profit or their boards have s fit. When did public utilities become privatized?? Leave this electricity generator the way it is.

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