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Psychoanalysts Raise Ethical Questions by Lifting Ban on Diagnosing Trump
by Countable
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  • Frankie

    At very least he is a megalomaniacal narcissist. That's the nicest I can say about him. Compulsive liar without any trace of a doubt. He won the presidency with a combination of going lower than anyone could of imagined (you can't win an argument with someone who will lie and attack without any integrity), the blood in the water for him was a narrative pushed down the country's throats, 8 years of hate for liberals and Obama frothed up by right wing pundits. He sh*t talked his way to the presidency without any actual credentials or plan for anything he was talking about doing. And now that he is in power and doing nothing that he promised, its us that need the psychological evaluation. We know Trump is crazy but what does that say about us? People voted for him because they hate liberals that much. It's their revenge, and with every new action that is an outrage for the left his supporters cheer louder. The cheering will not last forever.

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