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Psychoanalysts Raise Ethical Questions by Lifting Ban on Diagnosing Trump
by Countable
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  • Jeannine

    Trump studied dictators and autocrats and befriends populist and nationalist rulers and wants his chance at a regime he is crazily pushing his boundaries and no one is calling it what it is. He is dangerous, and is slowly destroying everything we as Americans stand for using propaganda and abuse of powers. Soon he will go down some very slippery slopes to completely take over. I wouldn't doubt Putin calls him daily and tells him he wants him to do and say a crazy making thing or take away a small right like the cameras a press then laughs at his control over him. Trump is crazy, his upbringing and. Thug and bully teachings by the people in his life have made him crazy he belongs in an asylum or back in his beloved Russia send him there.

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