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Paul Manafort, Trump’s Former Campaign Chair, Subpoenaed by Senate
by Countable
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  • Brian

    For the sake of all that is holy force this man to comply or send him to prison for contempt. And I'm not talking country club prison. I'm talking prison prison. These white collar crooks have got to be made an example of. I'm so sick of living in a country where the rich white guys always get a slap on the hand. They need to know that illegal is illegal and they will be charged, prosecuted and imprisoned with the gangbangers, murderers, and pedophiles. It's out of control prosecute bad guys no matter where they come from or how much they have. Confiscate their assets like you do to drug dealers. Make people think twice about cheating and swindling and lying. If you're looking to create riots in the street and massive uprisings leading to civil war letting these assholes get away with all this lying and playing dumb then never being prosecuted. Stop the insanity and save our country.

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