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Trump Transition Timeline: From Election Day to Day 100 of His Administration
by Countable
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  • John

    Please understand that government and business do not operate according to the same principles. Businesses are certainly stakeholders in the political process, but they are not equivalent to a developed skill set in domestic and international policy. Negotiating a business deal is not similar to negotiating a trade pact or cease fire. Whether trumped up supporters like it or not, their pick is unprepared for the task at hand. We would not allow a surgeon with no experience to operate on us, so why select a education secretary, environmental secretary, or Secretary of State with none of the requisite experience? Individuals on the left are not whiners, as one writer here so childishly phrased it. They are concerned that a man with understanding of the process now heads the table of one of the great western nations. Please grow up and pay attention. We cannot reduce domestic policy to the same simplistic slogans of "deregulation" and "tax cuts". Our economic infrastructure is more complex than that.

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