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Report: Intel Intercepts Expose Connections Between Russia & Trump Campaign
by Countable
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  • Erik

    Please do anything you can to maintain checks and balances regarding the executive office. Learning of recent comments and actions taken by President Trumps legal team to identify if he has the legal authority to replace the non-partisan special investigation by Robert Mueller, or to have he blanket authority to pardon any individual including himself, has been deeply disturbing. If President Trump takes actions to obstruct any investigation into whether or not inappropriate or illegal action occurred during the 2016 election, please use the fullest authority of your office to counter that obstruction. I and many Americans believe the very fabric of our democracy is at stake. It's not a matter of partisan politics, this is a matter of whether or not any acting president has carte blanche ability to commit any and every illegal action, so long as they win an election, regardless of that win was in part supported by a foreign government or otherwise illegal or inappropriate. Please put partisan politics aside and do what is right for the sake of democracy. There must be a limit to the value of a political agenda. Please maintain a balance to the executive office.


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