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Should Congress Unwind Provisions of the Endangered Species Act?
by Countable
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  • Gail

    Just as the EPA has successfully reduced water and air pollution in a major way, the Endangered Species Act has enabled animals on the brink of extinction to survive and come back. Narrow interests want to once again pollute, destroy and harm the environment, leaving the recurring problems to future generations. We have an infinite ability to respond, so let's act responsibly today toward each other and the environment rather than creating more problems for those who come after us. It seems many House Republicans do not care what havoc they reap on future generations. Witness their position on climate change. Even if we are only one factor in climate change, why would we not want to do everything in our power to reduce that influence? The answer: meeting immediate self interest always trumps the greater needs of the many. This outlook is not held by the majority of the world's people, contrary to how it looks. Most people respond to the hardships of others with generosity and compassion. Most people of the world understand that we are interdependent and that "every man for himself" is an outdated and self serving philosophy followed by the fearful, the selfish and the closed-hearted. We need new leadership. People who have modern minds, open hearts, and a vision for the Earth to collaborate with other world leaders and champion the movement that is taking place in the hearts and minds of the average person around the world. There is an awakening going on and it seems the last to realize it are the members of the Republican Party. Wake up. The force of this movement cannot be stopped and you are wasting our time with your small minded bills and constant lying. There is a world ecosystem, forever entwined, one matrix of life. You cannot act in the world without affecting others and the environment. Everything is composed of the same fundamental subatomic particles. Let's enjoy the wonder of that and align ourselves with nature and the greater reality. Look up and out and then look inwardly, long and persistently and realize your small minded efforts are like trying to empty the oceans with a teaspoon. Join the flow and release your addiction to resisting the truth of our interdependence with your myth that it is possible to deny the oneness of all life. I remember the plight of the eagles. I recall rivers on fire and many toxic waste sites making people ill. We need responsible leaders not corporate ass-kissers. I ask my Reps to once again stand up to the buffoonery and do not be dismayed as irresponsible bill after shallow bill passes in the House because it is occupied by so many non-representatives. You are on the right side of history and I thank you.

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