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Senate GOP Releases Updated Healthcare Bill
by Countable
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  • Michelle

    My name is Michelle Taylor ZIP Code 84123 and I am your constituent. I would like to know why the USA is the only "civilized" nation in the world that does not provide healthcare to its citizens. It seems blatantly obvious to me that all you care about is the tax breaks for the wealthy which happened to be the people that pay your campaign contributions to keep you in the office. It seems to me if there could be a bipartisan effort to solve the healthcare issues in this country we could get this done. Why are we as Americans pay more for healthcare than any other civilized nation in the world answer that question? This entire situation is Appalling when so many people will suffer under this new health care plan do you not care about the elderly, the children, this disabled? It seems to me you are taking party over country and I am angry.


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