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Collusion or Illusion? Trump Jr. Email Storm Hits Capitol Hill
by Countable
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  • Surender

    Any conclusion less than collusion and treason will be a dereliction of duty on congress. These conniving and greedy goons should be tried and jailed. The nonsensical and lame excuses emanating from republicans that they cant do their job due to WH distractions shows they bear a large part of the blame for remaining silent while a corrupt family demeans the office of the president! Shame on you! The type of harmful legislation you are trying to push through to benefit vested interests at the expense of the weak and needy is scandalous and all the while hiding behind these obfuscations / lies. You don't deserve this privilege of serving the people you claim to represent. Either step up and fix things or get out and let someone else do it. Mitch McConnell should be sent packing immediately.

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