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On This Date: FDR's National Labor Relations Act Took Effect
by Countable
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  • Sngrlittle

    FDR understood what social democracy looks like. Freedom from trade unions and collective bargaining means the freedom to suppress wages. The current capitalistic system based on neoliberal ideals was a pushback against FDR, as "they saw social democracy, exemplified by Franklin Roosevelt’s New Deal and the gradual development of Britain’s welfare state, as manifestations of a collectivism that occupied the same spectrum as nazism and communism." It seems that the US' embrace of capitalism and movement away from FDR and his support for unions and social systems has led us ever closer to another Depression. As George Monbiot says, "Freedom from regulation means the freedom to poison rivers, endanger workers, charge iniquitous rates of interest and design exotic financial instruments. Freedom from tax means freedom from the distribution of wealth that lifts people out of poverty." It's time for us to not only remember FDR but return to his values.

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