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On This Date: FDR's National Labor Relations Act Took Effect
by Countable
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  • D. scott

    I see in the comments the plus sides and what people believe the negatives of FDR's law. Most of those who see it negative, would find fault in a straight flat road, claiming it really isn't flat because of the curvature of the earth and with laser measuring it deviates slightly. I get it. Nothing is perfect and thinking any law will be in the future, is naive and petty. Fact is, this was a good deal for the working class in America, and moving on and towards giving workers better pay, benifits and right serves America best. Working hard, isn't working long hours thought it can from time to time, but not because you have to, but because you want to. Well educated workers work smarter, and faster. And well rested workers are safer, more alert and happier. I don't believe anyone "Earns" more than a Million a year because they work harder than someone else. Timing, opportunity, resources and luck play a larger part in doing well for yourself than working more than 40 hours a week ever will and did. If the pursuit of happiness is all you believe in, then liberty, and life die with the American dream.

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